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We offer a safe and home-like environment to your pets in case you have to travel and cannot take your dog/cat along. We already have a good reputation as a kennel.

Our new service: Airport Shuttle

While you arrange and decorate your new home, your doggy can comfortably stay in our kennel. It is necessary to visit the vet, we will book an appointment and take your dog there.
Furthermore, on the day of your departure we will bring your doggy to the airport on time.


Hello dear dog and cat friends,
my name is Mary Nuesser and I would like to introduce you to my dog styling salon on this website.

I am the proud owner of a Shih Tzu and a Coton de Tulear. I completed my pet grooming training for all breeds in a certified dog salon during a two-year training program in the Netherlands.

While your pet will receive a customized treatment that best suits his or her breed and type, I will also make every effort to accommodate any special grooming requests you may have. Appointments can be made by e-mail or telephone.

I also offer cat grooming services (brushing, nail clipping, fur removal / deshedding etc.)

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